Primena BI alata u Narodnoj Banci Srbije

У циљу обављања своје регулаторне функције Народна банка Србије има потребу за прикупљањем и обрадом великом броја податка углавном из финансијског сектора. Највећи део података се прикупља централизовано преко FTP сервера у XML формату, мада постоје у други начини. Сви подаци, без обзира на начин пријема, се смештају на централни сервер, и затим почиње ЕТЛ […]

Big Data SQL

From Oracle’s web page: Oracle Big Data SQL extends Oracle SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL and the security of Oracle Database to all your data. It also includes a unique Smart Scan service that minimizes data movement and maximizes performance, by parsing and intelligently filtering data where it resides.   Oracle Big Data SQL seamlessly […]

Advanced Analytics & R in Data Visualisation Desktop

Data Visualization Desktop offers users rich functionalities in terms of Advanced Analytics. Analytical functions like Trend, Outliers or Clustering are available to users simply by clicking and adding to the visualisations they are working on. Users still also have an option to create such a function as any other calculations as well. And finally there […]

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service – OACS

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (OACS) is a comprehensive analytics platform that powers your analytics strategy at any scale, in every environment – cloud, premises, desktop, and data center. From self-service visualization and data preparation to enterprise reporting and advanced analytics, to dynamic user-driven what-if modeling, to self-learning mobile analytics that provide proactive insights, OAC provides […]

Oracle Data Visualization

Data visualization describes the presentation of abstract information in graphical form. Data visualization allows us to spot patterns, trends, and correlations that otherwise might go unnoticed in traditional reports, tables, or spreadsheets.   Today’s businesses have access to a vast amount of data generated from both inside and outside the organization. Data visualization helps you […]