Oracle APEX and Fusion Middleware components

As one of the leading software companies, Oracle offers a wide variety of pre-integrated products, designed to solve common challenges, such as document management, business process management, reporting, and so on. These components make the essence of so-called Fusion Middleware platform, and very often they are utilised in conjunction with Java ADF framework, used for user interface building.


However, as Fusion Middleware is service oriented, there is alternative approach, based on using Oracle Application Express (APEX), instead of traditional Java ADF. Oracle APEX represents the fully supported part of the Oracle database, and allows rapid development of custom enterprise applications, either as stand alone product, or on top of the Oracle Middleware platform. With Oracle APEX, it is possible to achieve excellent performance, but also to keep application update cycle very simple.


In this presentation, basic concepts of service oriented integration between Oracle APEX and Oracle Fusion Middleware components will be described, showing how it is possible, for instance, to build complete custom BPM Workspace within APEX application.

Oracle Application Express
Location: Conference hall A Date: May 24, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm Jelena Staletović